I Can’t Talk About It

One in four girls and one in six boys are sexually abused in this country before the age of 18. Thirty-nine million American adults carry this open wound in their hearts leading to depression, substance abuse, broken marriages, and repeat abuse.

The tragic events surrounding the Sandusky case at Penn St. stir up strong emotions in each one of us. We feel helpless to do anything positive in light of such horrific circumstances, and yet it provides a unique opportunity for us to engage this issue in a forthright manner.

This is critically, perhaps even eternally, important, for many of those who’ve been sexually abused, suffering from shame, guilt and anger, will never be able to embrace “God the Father” unless they find freedom and healing from their pain in the person of Jesus Christ.

We propose to create a film entitled “Innocent Child.” This honest, gentle, and yet unflinching production will be a filmed, animated, and orchestrated version of the acclaimed stage play based on a book by two Christian authors from the award-winning ‘Hurts of Childhood’ series.

This film will be shared with Christian schools, churches, and counseling centers to:

  • Educate both clergy and lay people in the prevention and detection of child abuse
  • Encourage children who are in abusive situations to “tell until they get the help they need”
  • Encourage adults who have never dealt with abuse in their past to seek help.

The central themes of this story, which is uniquely designed to be appropriate for children and adults, will be the healing, forgiveness, and restoration that can only come through the love of Christ. The most frequently asked question asked by those who have been sexually abused as children is “Where was God when this was happening?”

Together, with this project, we can demonstrate the love of Christ to those who desperately need to know that God cares and loves them; those who desperately need to learn to forgive themselves and their abuser in order to be free from the crippling legacy of abuse.

You are invited to help with the creation of the “Innocent Child” Film by giving a tax-deductible financial gift today and can do so by visiting: www.musicforthesoul.org/involvement/donate or download a copy of the Innocent Child Pledge Form.

With your help we can let victims of childhood sexual abuse know that they are an “Innocent Child” and give them a future filled with hope and the peace of Christ.

For more information please email us at: info@musicforthesoul.org.

To order your copy of the book ‘I Can’t Talk About It‘, visit Amazon books.

More life-giving resources can be found at www.musicforthesoul.org.

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8 Responses to I Can’t Talk About It

  1. jreid2 says:

    It IS a helpless feeling. I am encouraged that Music for the Soul is bringing light and hope to this issue. Being able to talk about it can bring healing through resources such as music, productions, people and ultimately through Jesus Christ. Innocent Child speaks to the heart of the hurting one..

  2. Abigail says:

    You wrote: The most frequently asked question asked by those who have been sexually abused as children is “Where was God when this was happening?”

    That is a very important question and one I have heard a lot from survivors of ritual abuse. I even asked it myself. I have found that the answer that helped me does not always help another. It seems as if we each need to seek our Creator and ask Him to show each one of us. He can work differently in different circumstances.

    The answer, though, can be oftentimes be the key that opens the door to healing.

  3. onesurvivor says:

    I am all for anything that promotes healing and helps others to understand what is happening to so many wee ones. Souls are split apart through the abuse. People need to know. They need to understand. They need to help bring healing.

  4. onesurvivor says:

    Reblogged this on A Survivor's Thoughts on Life and commented:
    I hope a lot of people will pray for and support this project! It is much needed.

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