Art of Healing

“You say I am Your Masterpiece, Your artwork, Your design”Intricately Woven / (c) Linda Crossan

“No fault, no wrong
No dark of night, can hide me from your eyes –
I cannot fall or climb, farther than your grace can reach”Discontinued / (c) Adrian Outlaw

“She is whole in the sight of God
She can hear all things through the words of the spirit
She is whole in His sight”Poetic Transcription / (c ) Carol Dickman

“So, lift your hands to the binder of the broken”Untitled  / (c ) Van Williams

“Carry Me, over the water;
Carry Me, through the dark of night”Wings  / Lisa Bachman

“What I’ve become is not who I am;
We both were created by the very same hand
I’m a child of God “Take Up the Melody  / (c) Adria Bernardi

“The healer, oh he heals her; Beautiful Jesus, make me look like you”Sara Beth Geoghegan sings “Beautiful Jesus”

“When you need someone who understands to get you through the day, He comes down”

Words make you think a thought.

Music makes you feel a feeling.

A song makes you feel a thought.”

~ E.Y. Harburg

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