More Beautiful: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

When my friend found a lump in her breast, her doctor told her to wait to at least six months for a re-check. By that time it had metastasized and she soon found herself scheduled for what she dreaded the most, a mastectomy. Amazingly enough, she wasn’t angry, as much as she was now aware that her female friends and family members needed to check for lumps regularly and pursue medical treatment immediately if one was found.

Battling cancer takes an emotional toll on everyone involved — from the diagnosed to family members and friends. Inspiration can run short and comfort is in high demand.

More Beautiful

More Beautiful’, a DVD and CD set, was created from real life stories of breast cancer survivors. The DVD includes personal interviews, a music video (Wildest Ride on Earth), and other behind-the-scenes footage. The CD includes songs, poetry, and an affirmation.

This gift is a support and encouragement for any woman going through breast cancer and provides understanding for the husband and family that love her.

Consider how you will make a difference this month in the lives of those affected by this disease. Perhaps you have a friend who would enjoy receiving More Beautiful as a gift to let her know that you care.  Or maybe it’s time to treat yourself with a gift.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, order a physical copy of More Beautiful and receive a free copy to share with a friend or keep for yourself.  

Although my tears after watching this DVD were rooted in the painful experience of battling cancer for years, the result was a healing deep in my soul.” ~ Breast Cancer Survivor



Other Things You Can Do This Month:

“Seeing all this pink is awesome. You never notice how great this month is till it actually affects your family.”

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