Into the Heart of God

“The most precious gift we’ve ever received in our entire lives has been Sylvia. In her uninhibited expression of affection, she revealed to us the face of God as no other human being ever has. Did you know that several Native American tribes attribute divinity to Down’s children because in their utter simplicity they’re a transparent window into the Great Spirit?

Treasure your child, for she will lead you into the heart of God.”

~ Brennan Manning, Ruthless Trust, The Ragamuffin’s Path to God

She can see all things through the eyes of the spirit
She is whole in the sight of God

Whole In the Sight of God is designed to offer encouragement and support for those who face the challenges and triumphs of loving someone with a disability. It brings an inspiring message of hope and deep comfort, with a reminder that though all of us are broken in some way the path to wholeness begins when we see ourselves and others through the eyes of our loving Lord.

(Download now for a gift of any amount or consider giving ‘Whole In the Sight of God’ as a gift this holiday season)

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