Healing’s Slow to Come: our response to suicide grief

1343629037_www.radionetplus.ru_20Healing’s slow to come
from this chaos of the heart

~ Lyrics from Chaos of the Heart

At Music for the Soul, our team has been prayerfully reading and re-posting various blogs and articles written in response to the very tragic loss of Rick Warren’s son, who took his own life through suicide.

Al Hsu, with Christianity Today, recently wrote in his article, “Even without knowing why someone chose to take his own life, survivors can experience God’s comfort and healing.”

At Music for the Soul we understand that the journey between those two points – questioning or understanding why to experiencing that comfort and healing – can be a long and treacherous path when it comes to losing a loved one to suicide.

Lyrics from the song, How Could You, capture a piece of that journey:

What kind of God would let this happen?
How could you be so unfair?
You’re the one whose love
is supposed to be enough
It feels like you don’t even care
I thought that I could trust you

How could you?

I’m the Lord your God who loves you
Your rage is safe with me
I will never leave you
I’ll meet you where you’ll meet me
Tell me everything you’re feeling
You can’t make me turn away

Our hearts go out to those who have been affected by this recent news, to those who struggle with the questions, to those who have experienced or are experiencing what the Warren family and their church are going through right now.

It is our desire at Music for the Soul to offer hope and a safe place at times such as this.

Our resource, Chaos of the Heart, a unique, award-winning CD sensitively captures the wide range of emotions experienced in the family and the church in the aftermath of a suicide.

To download or order a physical copy of this CD today, click here.

Chaos of the Heart offers the hope and assurance of a God who is big enough to handle our honesty when the pain feels unbearable. It also thoughtfully addresses the often-misrepresented issue of the afterlife for one who has taken their life.

The accompanying Chaos of the Heart Discussion Guide, written by Sue Foster, MA, LMFT (Counseling for Individuals, Couples, and Families) is a six-week series designed to offer hope for the millions who have lost a loved one to suicide and for those families and friends wishing to be a part of the healing process. It can be used with large or small groups.


Overwhelmed by circumstances
out of your control
Hope can be the hardest thing to find
When you’re like a heart without a home
You don’t have to face this hurt alone

He sees every single tear

~ lyrics from Every Single Tear


The first time I listened to Chaos of the Heart, the music said everything I was feeling, and the words helped me so much…I can now say I am a Survivor of Suicide. ~ Sandy S


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