Waste Time. Permission Granted.

clockBeing a songwriter or musician can easily make one in to a workaholic.  This is especially true if you’ve got a passion for it.  Once one turns on the songwriting machine it is hard to stop.

Lyric writing is like working a puzzle.   “This a great line but it doesn’t rhyme. “ “This word makes it rhyme but now I’ve got too many syllables.”  “This word fits perfectly but I already used that word in the first verse.”

Being a songwriter means some part of your brain is constantly engaged in solving the puzzle.  As result you are never really off.

The danger is that writers can get to the place where they attach their value as people to how many songs they’ve written lately.  Or to how well those songs have been received.

But doesn’t this notion apply to each of us, no matter what profession or role we find ourselves in? Moms, pastors, authors, counselors, nurses, dads, and so on?

When we allow our worth as human beings to be attached to our performance, no matter who we are or what position we are in, we have fallen into a dangerous trap.

Time to renew our minds with some truth.

God doesn’t love us because of what we do.  God loves us because of who He is.

Anytime we try to perform our way into God’s good graces – or our own – we miss out on the beauty of the unmerited favor that God pours out on to us every day.

This mindset hurts our relationship with God, and it can also harm our earthly relationships too, not to mention our own sense of well-being.

So, dear reader, ifdandelions you are one of those writers or mothers or leaders who throws yourself with relentless dedication into your role, your ministry, your career every day,  please listen to this one small piece of advice.

Take a walk.  Go sit outside and listen to the birds or watch the clouds float by.  Go have a cup of coffee with a friend and talk about something besides your work.  Take your family out to see a movie.  Read a good book.  Non-song writers: listen to a song!

Waste time. Permission granted.

Whatever you are currently working on will be all the better for it.  And so will you.

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