Not Too Far From Here: Oklahoma


Somebody needs a little hope
Not too far from here
and I may not know their names
But I’m praying just the same
That you’ll use me Lord to wipe away a tear

~ lyrics from Not Too Far From Here

When Steve, founder and creative director of Music for the Soul, first learned about the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995, he shared how he tried to pray for the families but found that he couldn’t. Though he felt deeply, especially for those who had lost their children in the day care center, he shared that he literally felt he had no words.

This week at Music for the Soul, we feel the same way in the aftermath of the news about so much loss and devastation in Moore, OK. We have struggled to find the right words to express our thoughts and prayers. And so the lyrics from the song, Not Too Far From Here, take on a new and special meaning for us.

As Steve wrote the song the thought came – this needs to be a prayer, never realizing how God would use it in the coming years.

Many of you know that Oklahoma City is the pilot city for our ‘She’s Somebody’s Daughter’ initiative, and we have made special connections and friendships in that city during our recent work there. Our hearts hurt for them right now.

We’ve been encouraged this week to follow the lead of the Spirit and reach out with musical prayers for healing in a city that has suffered so much already. We were prompted to offer to send copies of After the Storm to our friends and contacts for them to hand out and/or include in care packages. Yesterday over 300 copies were packed and shipped – just about every copy in stock.

Originally created for those suffering in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, After the Storm is a music and spoken word CD which offers a sense of God’s presence and hope for those whose hearts have been broken, and it includes the song Not too Far from Here.

However, we were not able to fulfill all the requests after making this offer, so we are in the process of securing a special pressing of a CD of Hope with a special Oklahoma City cover that can be given away and included in care packages. It will include the song Not too Far From Here, which is also on After the Storm.

Not too Far From Here was used in the days after the Murrah Federal Building bombing, as Mikaila Enriquez sang it in churches all over Oklahoma City and at the memorial service for the Oklahoma City Bombing victims.

Help me Lord not to turn away from pain
Help me not to rest while those around me weep
Give me your strength and compassion
When somebody finds the road of life too steep
Now I’m letting down my guard
and I’m opening my heart
Help me speak your love to every needful ear
Jesus is waiting

In 1996, Mikaila Enriquez sang Not Too Far From Here on Good Morning America, and many were stunned that she was given the opportunity to sing about Jesus on national network television. Afterward, she shared in an interview, “After the bombing, it was just a perfect song. It was just perfect. So many people are hurting out there and Jesus is waiting.”

The song continues to be an anthem for many Oklahomans. And at this time more than ever, it is our prayer for those in Oklahoma, after the tragic events of this week, that they will experience the strength and compassion needed in the coming days and weeks.  That they will experience the love and presence of Jesus through the waiting arms of those prepared to help and give hope.

We’ve been told that others are already praying that the music on the CDs would give comfort and peace, long after the perishable provisions of care packs are gone.

If you feel led to help with this CD, a project that will offer the kind of hope which points to the One who will still be there after the storm, we’d like to offer an opportunity to be part of this special project with us. Simply click on and visit our Donation Page to make a tax-deductible donation of any amount.

Maybe you have been considering making a donation in other ways to bless those in Oklahoma but have been undecided as to where or how to do so, we have found this article which lists various ways to help: How to Help Oklahoma Tornado Victims.

Blessings to you as you prayerfully seek what God is laying on your heart for those ‘not too far from here’.


Photo Credit: Jamie Lapeyrolerie
Life | Photography | Love

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