Music for the Soul was founded based on two firmly and passionately held beliefs.

First, that Jesus is the compassionate healer, the one who loves us without reservation, and is always with us even in our deepest, darkest despair and times of greatest challenges.

Second, that music, particularly as expressed in a song, is one of God’s greatest gifts of communication, with the power to speak healing straight to people’s hearts where words alone can often fail. I believe that there are severely hurting people among us who may not be reached any other way but by hearing the message of Christ’s renewing love through the gentle touch of music.

We combine these two beliefs to create unique DVD/CD resources that help people engage with the truth on difficult issues; to help us live as Paul puts it, “as children of the light.” Ultimately, our goal is that no one should ever feel alone. We want people to feel known, understood, and loved by others –and by God.

We all build walls to shield ourselves from deep pain, guilt, and shame. Music has a way of seeping through the cracks in those walls and opening up the heart. Then a message of hope and healing can be placed in the opened heart.

To reinforce and personalize the message of our songs we combine them with compelling personal stories, both in testimonies on our CDs, and in moving visual portrayals on our DVDs.

Music is the language of the heart, a universal language that speaks to all people, going places where words alone will not penetrate. It is also the language of the mind.

Studies have shown that people remember 10% of what they’re told, 40% of what they read, and 90% of what they hear in music. By using the power of music and the innate responsiveness to it that God has built into our beings we can meet people at their point of need with messages that have the power to heal.

Our vision is to see hearts and lives changed through the healing power of songs and spoken words that resonate with human experience and reflect the redemptive love of Jesus.

~ Steve Siler, Founder and Director


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