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The Music Of What Is Happening

There is an old Irish story about Fionn Mac Cumhail. Fionn asks his followers, “What is the finest music in the world?”  They suggest answers: the cuckoo calling from the hedge, the ring of a spear on a shield, the … Continue reading

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‘The Power of Words’ by Shelly Beach

Every day we hold the power to change the world with a look, a tone, a word. Look for someone today. Then change their world with a few simple words. Read more…visit Shelly’s blog today!

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In Our Silence…With a Song

“She’s back on heroin again. I don’t know what to do – it breaks my heart to watch her self-destruct!” “The cancer is back. I can’t deal with this anymore!” “I know he’s still using pornography and acting out with … Continue reading

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